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24.03.2022 & 09.04.2022
Missa Secunda

Bartók Béla Chamber Choir will perform parts (Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus & Agnus Dei) of my 2nd Mass, Missa Secunda composed for the choir on their next two concerts. Soloists: Anita Somogyi and Zsuzsa Kis. Piano: Zsuzsanna Fazekas. Conductor: Boldizsár Kiss.
  • 24.03.2022. Thursday, 18:00, Szeged, University, Fricsay-hall.
  • 09.04.2022. Friday, 18:00, Szolnok, Lutheran Church
See details on the website of the choir!
  • Bartók Béla Chamber Choir

02. & 03.2022.
1-Act Operas in Eiffel Art Studios

Jenő Hubay's The violinist of Cremona together with Ernő Dohnányi's Aunt Simona will be performed for a few occasions in Eiffel Art Studios from 05. February. I did the orchestration of Hubay's opera.

Apart from these Mozart's The Theater Director also could be seen at the same place from March. I re-orchestrated this work to a 13-instrument ensemble.
  • Hubay/Dohnányi operas (more info & tickets)
  • Mozart: A színigazgató (more info & tickets)
  • Eiffel Art Studios

-- Earlier posts --

Cantio Vernalis - again on Szolnok

Bartók Béla Chamber Choir (incl. Alex Berkesi on bass guitar) will perform my motett-madrigal song cycle for female choir and bass guitar on Szolnok. The title of their concert is „Hungarian Musical Panorama”. Ticket price is 1500 Ft. (See details on the website of the choir.)
  • Location of the concert
  • Bartók Béla Chamber Choir
  • Find the score of the work here
17.11.2019. 18h
Witch-heritage - opera excerpts

Six excerpts will be performed from my Opera, Witch-heritage (Boszorkányvér) in the Klebelsberg Culture Mansion on 17th November evening. The work was nominated as the best Hungarian opera in the final of the Opera-composing Competition announced by the Bartók Plusz Opera Festival in 2017-18. In the first part of the programme we're going to hear an interview with the patron of the event, Szilveszter Ókovács and his guests. Performance with projection, narration, in Hungarian - in a half-scenical way. Duration: about 2x1 hours. Entry free.

Katalin Vámosi (Luca)
Melinda Heiter (Rebeka)
Yanis Benabdallah (Garabonciás)
Szabolcs Hámori (Demon/Father/Judge)
Piano accompanist: András Gelléri
  • Klebelsberg Cultural Mansion
  • Programme (HU)
The Ballad of László Fehér - cantata performance

Zsolt Haja (baritone) & the Budafok Dohnányi Orchestra with Péter Dobszay as conductor will perform The Ballad of László Fehér on 05.05.2019. The concert begins at 19:30 at the Liszt Academy, Grand Hall.
  • Programme, tickets
  • Péter Dobszay's website
  • The Grand Hall of the Liszt Academy
25. & 29.05.2019
Missa Secunda - first performance

Missa Secunda (Second Mass) composed for female choir and string orchestra will be performed twice in May: on 25th (Saturday) in the Downtown Catholic Church of Szolnok; and on 29th (Wednesday) at 19:00 in the Országút Franciscan Church, Budapest. Performers: Bartók Béla Chamber Choir, Szolnok, conductor: Éva Molnár. Organ part played by: Levente Kuzma. This work is dedicated to them on the 50th anniversary of their foundation.
  • Bartók Béla Chamber Choir
  • Levente Kuzma's website
  • Downtown Catholic Church, Szolnok
  • Országút Franciscan Church, Budapest
Waltz on melodies by Puccini

I composed music for the opening waltz of the Italian Gala which takes place in Erkel Theatre on the 2nd of March. The title of the piece is Pot-pourri, and it's based on famous themes of Puccini's operas. Choreographer: András Nádasdy.
  • Programme, tickets
Boszorkányvér opera is in the final!

My opera, Boszorkányvér [Witch-legacy] - as the only Hungarian work - got into the final round of the Bartók Plus opera-writing competition. The final, where excerpts from the works will be performed with piano accompaniment, and where the winner of the competition will be announced takes place at Liszt Academy's Solti Hall on 14.12.2018. Details & tickets (for 500 HUF) avalaible through the competitions website. (See the below links!)
  • Four works have been shortlisted
  • About the competition
  • Opera Festival on Fabecook
Kirakós - Animation & Competition

The animated version of Kirakós [Jigsaw Puzzle] is avalaible now on YouTube. The 5 movements for chlidrens' choir are composed on poems by Erika Bartos. The 4th & 5th movements became compulsory works in the final round of 18th Béla Bartók International Choir Competition in Debrecen.
  • Kirakós - animation
  • Kirakós - EMB score
  • Website of the Choir Competition
In Such a Night - in Budapest

My piece for women's choir (after texts of W. Shakespeare) titled In Such a Night will be sung third time by the Bartók Béla Chamber Choir (conductor: Éva Molnár) on 25. september 2017. The concert begins at 19:30 at Budapest Music Center. Address: 1093 Budapest, Mátyás u. 8. Ticket information:, +36-20-2638846.
  • Bartók Béla Chamber Choir
  • Score at Kontrapunkt Music Ltd.
The Vox Caelestis Choir sings "Alleluia"

The Vox Caelestis Mixed Choir (conducted by Valéria Szebellédi) sings the second movement of my Duo Cantica... in a few weeks on the Rimini International Choir Competition. The entire programme could be listened to in Budapest, on 10.09.2017 from 18h in the Pozsonyi road reformed church. Address: 1133 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 58. Entry free!
  • Vox Caelestis Mixed Choir
  • Pozsonyi road reformed church
  • Score at Kontrapunkt Music Ltd.
In Such a Night - in Szeged

My piece for women's choir (after texts of W. Shakespeare) titled In Such a Night will be sung second time by the Bartók Béla Chamber Choir (conductor: Éva Molnár) on 29. march 2017. The concert begins at 18h at University of Szeged's Fricsay-hall. Address: 6720 Szeged, Tisza Lajos krt. 79-81. Ticket information:, +36-20-2638846.
  • Bartók Béla Chamber Choir
  • Fricsay-hall on map
  • Score at Kontrapunkt Music Ltd.
Hungarian premiere in "Fészek"

Duo Cantica de Magnitudine Dei (Two songs about God's greatness) for mixed choir a capella will be performed as a premiere in Hungary on the first concert of the 19th Concert-cycle of New Hungarian Compositions. The piece will be performed by Prelude Choir conducted by dr. Sándor Kabdebó. The concert takes place in Fészek Club of Artists (1073 Budapest, Kertész street 36.) on 23.11.2016 (wed.), 19h. Tickets could be bought on the spot for 1000 HUF.
  • Score at Kontrapunkt Music Ltd.
  • Prelude Choir
  • Fészek Club of Artists
Literary evening at the Carmelites - again, now in Győr

The musical literary evening will be performed again after its premiere in may, but now in Győr, church of the Carmelites. Address: 9021 Győr, Aradi Vértanúk útja 2. Date and time: 15. oct. 2016, saturday, 18h. Performers are going to be the same as last time: Gábor Mohai (narrator), Ágota Kiss (flute) és Éva Csala (cello). Entry free. (Narration in Hungarian only.)
  • Church of the Carmelites, Győr
Shakespeare 400

My piece for women's choir (after texts of W. Shakespeare) titled In Such a Night will be sung by the Bartók Béla Chamber Choir (conductor: Éva Molnár) on 24. september 2016. The concert begins at 18h at the City Hall of Szolnok. Address: H-5000 Szolnok, Kossuth Lajos road 16. Ticket information:, +36-20-2638846.
  • Score at Kontrapunkt Music Ltd.
  • Bartók Béla Chamber Choir
New scores in stock

More works have been published this summer by Kontrapunkt Music Ltd.. These are the followings: Sonatina inGenua (for flute, bassoon and piano), Duo Cantica de Magnitudine Dei (for mixed choir), In Such a Night (for female choir), Szentendre (more versions - Hungarian text only) and O salutaris Hostia (for mixed choir). The works could be ordered directly from the Publisher.
  • The works on the Publisher's website
Opening gala in Debrecen

Jigsaw Puzzle (Kirakós, for children's choir) will be performed by Lautitia Children's Choir (counducted by József Nemes) on the opening gala concert of the 27th Bartók Béla International Choir Competition. The concert begins at 20:00 and takes place in the Kölcsey Center (4026 Debrecen, Bethlen u.). Tickets can be purcashed on the spot for 1400 HUF. The score of the work will be publicated first there by Editio Musica Budapest. The concert will be broadcasted live by MR3 Bartók Rádió.
  • The piece on EMB's website
  • Festival's website
  • Kölcsey Center
  • MR3 Bartók Radio - live broadcast
Website in English

English version of the website has just been started. Feel free to browse. News coming soon!